Waterfront Property Available

In the Pacific Northwest
 on the Lower Columbia Rver

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Boat Conversion



These are 2 Columbia River Waterfront Properties (30 miles apart) having deep water moorage and are located in the small towns of Cathlamet, Washington and Rainier, Oregon (bridge connected to Longview – Kelso). In addition to deep water, both properties have privately owned tidelands. They are located about half way (roughly 50 miles) between Portland Oregon and the Pacific Ocean. They both have ready access to I-5, the Longview-Kelso airport and are less than an hour away from PDX.

Cathlamet Waterfront Property

Rainier Waterfront Property

Area Map

Cathlamet Waterfront Property

Rainier Waterfront Property

Area Map

Located at 
110 Commercial St.
Cathlamet, Washington


Located at 
501 E. A Street
Rainier, Oregon

Lower Columbia River

These are existing and in-use properties. With both waterfront and street access.

Each have a land portion and an over the river structure portion. The structures are set on timber laid docks, then wood, concrete, steel piling.

These properties are considered - historical (100 years old). They were built originally for the commercial fishing industry ( now, light industrial). the properties adapted to residential, as well as the original purposes of boat building and repair, moorage and commercial fishing related activities. Both Properties have 2 occupied residential units. Even though the Properties are occupied, they are Works in Progress (especially interior finishing).

Both properties can be readily adapted to much heavier (or lighter) uses. Essentially add more steel.

In Astoria, less than an hour away, these type properties are being incorporated into local community feature focal point historical conversions such as hotel, office, residential, and shopping center uses  and view points. These waterfront conversions are also popular destinations in Portland, Tacoma and Seattle. In Vancouver BC and Victoria these are world class destinations.

Or, these properties can continue to be used as presently, for personal residence or rental purposes as well storage of multiple vessels up to approx 200’.

My idea so far (for the last 25+ years), has been to save the existing buildings and make repairs with structural steel / cement to extend useful life and capacities.

Further to make repairs, so that essentially more steel can be readily added to increase structural capacity (within limits), if those purposes become the desired direction.

If you have a preference for a Lease, Partnership or other Venture arrangement – yes, those are options.Contact Us


We are valuing these properties at little more than bare land market prices. We plan to raise prices as further improvements are made.

Regarding these properties, you can Contact Us or your realtor.

Marine Projects:

Both of these Properties are River oriented Properties. That fact does not limit their use. In both cases neighboring properties are Tug Boat companies. Both are “in-town” properties.

Multiple vessels are readily moored on these properties – as is the case right now.


A sister company Executive Yacht Sales (Seattle) sells mostly larger vessels (over 40’) and due to retirement of Lynn Bucklin and severe Economic Recession / Depression, EYS has revised its emphasis to larger older boats wishing to continue their past lives of mostly fishing and tug applications to Conversion to Pleasure or Liveaboard.

These Properties can readily handle these vessels and to a major extent can handle repairs and conversion efforts at either of these locations. Jim has repeatedly been after me to put in RV parking at Cathlamet.

These Properties are also considered west coast “historic”. A variety of residential or commercial uses would be highly appropriate. It is my intent to be simultaneously looking for individuals / businesses for those purposes.