Waterfront Property Available

In the Pacific Northwest
 on the Lower Columbia River




Boat Conversion



About Us

I am retired from Careers in Accounting, Computer Systems, Venture Capital.

Active in post retirement, by working to profit from and save the old,.historical  or deteriorated waterfront structures and boats, while surviving the next financial calamity / depression on our collective doorstep.

These are existing multi use properties.

Selling is the cleanest and most simple for all concerned. My preference is to sell the real estate and to keep / ratain a small portion of one property for my own uses.

As an alternative to selling, I can rent / lease or partner / joint venture. This includes venturing with entrepreneurs and existing viable businesses with a difficulty or talents having difficulty with the existing markets.. These arrangements can be done on a short or long term basis.

These properties are river oriented and hope to retain that flavor to whoever is coming next.

I'm contacting those who may have an interest or be able to benefit from the unique characteristics of these properties. Examples include:
  • Marine Related - many applications
  • Arts & Crafts / Artists - historical structures with tons of atmosphere.
  • Individuals wanting a Life style - living at and over a very active Col R and with or without small or large boats.
  • Those who can financially benefit from an acquisition cost at or barely above raw land and finish to their own needs and desires. Meanwhile having full use.

Prior to retirement, my wife (Charolette) and I were very active in adapting computer technology  to accounting, finance, management systems etc.   The below articles describes some of this very exciting work.  We began in the era of punch cards, and ending with venture capital funding of an artificial intelligence technology project.

See the following citations:

APL applications. 10.1145/800293.811609
Courtney, Harley & Seaberg, Ronald & Cuthbert, Richard & Grinold, Richard & Oliver, Robert & Mock, Theodore & Vasarhelyi, Miklos. (1973).
The use of APL in business and economics has increased significantly in recent years. This session considers APL's simulation features in three financial planning applications and in addition, a number of APL PLUS simulation and optimization algorithms in cash flow management.

Computer Based Decision Systems in Xerox Corporate Planning
Ronald A. Seaberg, Charlotte Seaberg
Published Online:1 Dec 1973   https://doi.org/10.1287/mnsc.20.4.575
Management Science Volume 20, Issue 4-part-ii  December 1973  Pages 545-724
The whole concept of modelling has caught on aided immeasurably by the considerable progress in computer technology. Mini-computers, timesharing systems, remote terminals, and graphical displays have placed computer power directly into the hands of the decision maker.

This paper presents a corporate decision-aiding system, a family of timeshared models, developed for Xerox of Canada Limited (XCL) in an effort to link the functional areas for communication, planning, and control purposes. Using the approaches of statistical forecasting, heuristics, and simulation, the XCL Decision System assists and guides management all the way from deriving product demand forecasts to simulating the day-to-day operations of the firm to formulating divisional financial statements to preparing corporate operating and medium-range plans. Developed in a short time span and at low cost, the system is used extensively in Canada and has been adopted, in part, by U.S. corporate and regional offices.