Waterfront Property Available

In the Pacific Northwest
 on the Lower Columbia Rver




Boat Conversion



Boat Conversion

Besides residential and other Public uses of these Properties, they are mostly suitable for Marine uses. Historically, they have been used in Boat Repair, New Boat Building, commercial fisheries and other marine related activities.

Already there are vessels at these Properties awaiting restoration, conversion, moorage or other marine activities. These vessels are also available for sale, lease or joint venture. Two or three of the vessels can be immediately moved aboard or otherwise made ready for use.

New boars are usually expensive ... very expensive. Rebuilding / converting old boats can typically be done at a fraction of the cost of buying new. For how and why this is the case - see Don Casey's classic "This Old Boat."

A conversion vessel that we have been involved in buying and selling is my favorite vessel - ever.  It is a story with beautiful results. Hobbit is further recognized and described as a great sea-going vessel. But then, with a history, ethic, and tradition of a US Navy tug and conversions by Tug fleet owners and Retired Navy officers (of the same Machine who last saved the world) - what would you expect?

Below is a link to the Hobbit Conversion; including its history and details; along with links to three other potential conversions that are currently for sale.  Please take the opportunity to explore these pages.  Not only to explore what we have done, but to give you some ideas on what you might be able to do with a restoration/conversion.


Explore the Following Conversion & Three Potential Conversions

Completed ConversionPotential Conversions - For Sale or Partnership
Fu ShingHull 105Tigger
HobbitFu ShingHull 105Tigger