Cathlamet Property Information

110 Commercial Street
Cathlamet, Washington
Image Courtsy Wahkiakum Eagle




Boat Conversion



This Property located at 110 Commercial St, Cathlamet Washington – a Mixed Use “Historical” Property, is available for Lease or Joint Venture. The Property consists of 4 parcels – the waterfront measures approx 180’.

This is Columbia River deep waterfront, has moorage, with existing residential and commercial uses. It is located in town at Cathlamet Washington (98612).

The historical Port of Portland (POP) office and shop building was relocated to this property and was converted to residential use. A 2 - ½ story tower was added to enclose the outside stairs.

The wooden shop building is 2 story and measures 40’ x 60’. Historically this is where the wood, then fiberglass salmon gillnet boats were built – mostly for Bristol Bay Alaska.

There is a metal shed structure, assembled from 40’ storage containers. This shed is where the small steel tugs were fabricated.

2 residential units are both occupied. Remainder of the enclosed space is being used for light storage. 3 vessels up to 100’ are moored on the property.

Neighboring properties include a Cannery/ fish landing / fish boat repair and moorage facility, City Docks, and Tug Boat and Barge mooring facility with light duty maintenance shops.

Recent property repairs and Upgrades include new concrete pilings under one structure and steel piling under the other structure.

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